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Interested in getting one of my illustrations tattooed? This fills me with so much love, and I encourage you to purchase a TATTOO TICKET!

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

✧ By purchasing a tattoo ticket, not only are you showing your support for the love and hard work that goes into each piece of art, but you are given full permission to have ONE piece tattooed!

✧ Many tattoo artists require permission from the original artist. Purchasing this tattoo ticket provides permission for personal tattoo use ONLY and is NOT designated for any commercial use whatsoever.

✧ If you are planning on getting more than one design tattooed, I encourage you to purchase the appropriate number of tattoo tickets.

✧ If you would like a high-quality PDF file of the piece you are interested in, please feel free to send me a note requesting one, along with your e-mail address :)

✧ Please be aware that no physical item will be shipped.


This ticket does not qualify you for a custom design. If interested in one, please contact me directly either through my Contact Page or on Instagram (@paper_moon_designs) for a price quote.


I would love nothing more than to see my designs tattooed onto your beautiful skin, so please consider sending me your ink! And if you or your tattoo artist wishes to share the tattoo on social media, please tag me @paper_moon_designs on Instagram and/or @papermoondesigns on Tik Tok.

Tattoo Ticket!


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