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△ Luna Moth Suncatcher ▽


Do you need a colorful dose of dopamine every day? Do you have a window that gets any direct sunlight? Then this suncatcher decal is exactly what the doctor ordered! When sunlight hits this baby, she fills your space with so many rainbows, it's almost impossible not to smile!


This suncatcher is my best seller, so quickly grab one (or five) before they disappear! 


・Clear background decal with a prismatic overlay
・When sunlight shines through, it will create rainbow fragments
・5" x 3.75"

・Reproduction of my original piece




1- Clean glass or window surface

2- Wet a paper towel or microfiber cloth, or use a spray bottle to wet surface

3-Peel decal from liner and place adhesive side on wet glass. Decal will seem like it is floating, but this will help you slide the decal into the exact position you want

4-Once it is in position, gently squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles, making the decal stick to the glass. *The adhesive may take on a milky cast, but will clear up once the water has dried! This can take up to 3 days

5-Once all air bubbles and water is out, dry glass with a paper towl or microfiber cloth


Luna Moth Suncatcher


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