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Hello, lovely human!
I'm grateful you're here.

You can call me Daniella  : )

A little about me...


I have been drawn to storytelling for as far back as I can remember, except, I never had the confidence to call myself a teller of stories…until now.


I am a creative through and through. From an early age, I felt an innate connection to the world of imagination and whimsy. Now I channel that passion by spreading messages of love and kindling little sparks of magic wherever I can. I have explored different avenues of storytelling throughout my life, with dancing, acting, filmmaking, writing, drawing, and crafting. Like many, the outlet of creativity encourages my most authentic self to shine as bright as the moon glowing in darkness.

I am a self-taught illustrator, and proud native New Yorker. Growing up in the streets of Queens, surrounded by diversity, hugely defined me. I have also learned to embrace my neurodivergent nature, and in doing so, I view the world through a unique lens that fuels my artistry.

The world can seem like a scary place at present, where doom scrolling or getting wrapped into the latest news cycle has become just as easy as breathing (arguably easier). Exploring ways to guide people back to love, joy, and magic is particularly paramount. I strive to inspire and ignite self-love through storytelling.

Creative expression has freed me to occupy space and provided a safe environment to heal my inner child. Now I ask myself, how can I share this with others? Simple. Through imagination, I can connect with children in a way that allows them to feel seen and heard, and to provide the validation and understanding that most of us longed for in childhood.

Through my more personal projects, I enjoy exploring themes of female empowerment, mental health awareness, and self-love. I draw most of my inspiration from the whimsy and magic that captivated us as a children.

On a more personal note, I currently reside in Virginia with my loving partner, Charlie, and our three adorable cats -  Scout, Stevie, and Binx. When I’m not immersed in my artistic pursuits, you can often find me indulging in my passion for yoga and cooking, cherishing moments with family and friends, or enjoying a good movie or TV series.

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Fredericksburg, VA

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